Published March 11, 2024

In a resounding celebration of strength, courage, and progress, the Norwegian Training Center (NTC) marked International Women’s Day with an event that was as meaningful as it was inspirational. Held under the esteemed presence of His Excellency, Christian Halaas Lyster, Norway’s Ambassador to the Philippines, the event brought together influential voices from the maritime industry to highlight the vital role of women in leadership and the ongoing efforts to foster inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality in maritime.

Speakers such as Ms. Mailyn Borillo, President and Managing Director of OSM, Ms. Myreen Visperas, POCR Operator from Columbia Ship Management, and Ms. Rheea Hermoso-Prudente, Life Coach to women seafarers, shared their personal journeys within the maritime sector. Their narratives not only showcased their achievements and challenges but also served as a beacon for the importance of breaking down stereotypes and barriers that women face in traditionally male-dominated industries.

The discussions delved deep into the significance of creating a supportive environment for the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in maritime. By sharing insights on overcoming industry stereotypes and highlighting collective efforts, the event underscored the undeniable impact of unity and commitment to empowering women.

However, the NTC’s celebration of International Women’s Day extended beyond discussions and inspirational talks. In a meaningful gesture of solidarity and social responsibility, the NTC also used the event as an opportunity to support the Let’s Save the Brain Foundation. This notable non-stock, non-profit organization is dedicated to providing excellent medical care for indigent neurological patients at the Department of Neurosciences, University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH). Through this initiative, the NTC not only emphasized its commitment to gender equality but also its dedication to broader societal contributions.

As the maritime industry continues to navigate towards a brighter future, the NTC’s International Women’s Day celebration serves as a reminder of the power of inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality. The event’s successful fusion of empowerment, leadership, and philanthropy exemplifies the maritime sector’s potential to drive positive change, not just within its own realm but also in the wider community.

To the employees of the NTC and the maritime community at large, the event was a significant milestone in the journey toward a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable industry. The Norwegian Training Center’s commitment to these values, coupled with its support for charitable causes, reinforces the notion that progress in the maritime sector is intrinsically linked to the empowerment of women and the upliftment of underserved communities.

As we look back on this celebration, it’s clear that the NTC’s efforts to champion women in maritime and support philanthropic causes are not just commendable but essential steps toward fostering a more just and equitable world.