Published June 14, 2023

The first NSA Customer’s Meeting for the year 2023 commenced on June 14, 2023, at the Norwegian Training Center in Pasay City, Philippines. The program was kicked off by NTC’s Deputy Director, Captain Knut Bentzrod. 

This was then followed by Mr. Larry Gonzales, the NSA Cadet Manager. He proceeded with presenting the updates about the NSA Cadet Program. Including the following:

  • The three maritime schools affiliated with the NSA Cadet Program
  • Pre-Embarkation seminars, and dates of graduation
  • Monthly Assessment Results
  • NSA Cadet Program Initiatives
    • Pure Ocean Environmental Projects
    • Quarterdeck Gamification
    • Smart Classrooms
    • New Training Courses
      • For Engine and Deck Cadets
  • LPU’s new mini-bridge set-up
  • New Requirements
  • Future Challenges
    • Magna Carta for Seafarers
  • No new enrollees for UCLM
  • Cadet’s Training Record Book (TRB) Submission

Captain Bong Rabaya, Ms. Christine Belen, and Captain Knut Bentzrod presented NTC Training updates and Sales & Marketing updates respectively.

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The program then ended with Captain Bong Rabaya concluding the event with the closing remarks.