Published April 19, 2023

The NSA Members Meeting happens every year, and this 2023 was surely one for the books with the special attendance of the NSA Executive Director, Mr. Erik Gjerdene. The meeting was held at Pasay City, the main office of the Norwegian Training Center, on April 19, 2023. The registration started early in the morning at nine as NSA Members started to pour in. The event was then kicked off by the host Ms. Johanna Maxine Peralta as she introduces the first speaker of the day, Capt. Jo Even Tomren, the Deputy Director of NTC for the opening remarks, welcoming everyone for yet another get-together for the future of the Maritime Industry.

Capt.  Jo Even Tomren, the Deputy Director of NTC, as he delivers the opening remarks of the NSA Members Meeting 2023. 

The host then introduced Atty. Paal Tangen, Director – Head of Negotiations. Atty. Paal Tangen discussed the Maritime Outlook Report of 2023, from future impacts on the industry to the effects of the war in Ukraine. 

Atty. Paal Tangen, Director – Head of Negotiations discussing the 2023 Maritime Outlook Report

Following Atty. Tangen was NTC’s Training Manager, Capt. Nebuchadnezzar Rabaya, to talk about new and upcoming courses like ME-GI Familiarization, Operations, and Troubleshooting, IGF Courses – NMA Approved, Battery Handling Course, NTC E-Learning Interface (NELI) 2023 – 2024 List of Developments. of 2023 for NTC.

Capt. Nebuchadnezzar Rabaya explaining the new courses for 2023.

Mr. Larry Gonzales, the NSA Cadet Manager, enlightened everyone about the updates of the cadetship program. Some of the discussions include the increasing intake of female cadets, as well as the challenges of the proposed Magna Carta of Filipino seafarers for the program.

Mr. Larry Gonzales showcased the increase of female cadets in the program.

NTC’s Deputy Director, Capt. Knut Bentzrod was also able to showcase the green initiatives of NTC for the first few months of the year, from the NSA Cadets coastal clean-up in partnership with WWF to NTC’s future partnerships with PureOcean, a marine conservation social enterprise. 

Capt. Knut Bentzrod discusses the plans for NTC’s green initiatives. 

Atty. Paal Tangen then came up again to give a quick update about the EMSA updates, while Capt. Knut Bentzrod gave the closing remarks of the event. 

Capt. Knut Benztrod gave the closing remarks.
Capt. Knut Benztrod gave the closing remarks.
Capt. Jo Even Tomren in front of the NSA Members.
From left to right: Vegard Hellekleiv of HLNG, NSA Executive Director, Mr. Erik Gjerdene, and Atty. Paal Tangen, NSA Director – Head of Negotiations