School curriculum is developed by schools Academic Committee. This is reviewed and approved by the Commission on Higher Education before it is implemented. Curriculum and descriptive title may vary but covers all the requirements of CHED.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (CMO 20, Series of 2015)

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (CMO 20, Series of 2015)


The cadets' shipboard training starts on their third year. 

The shipping company employs cadets. They are guided by the company's policies, employmnet conditions and training program.

While on board, the cadets accomplish the following:

  • Global MET Training Record Book – a training record book that takes the full account of the IMO Convention Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) requirements including provisions concerning shipboard familiarization.
  • Company Training Program – a supplemental training program specified by individual Company’s Quality Assurance Manual, company’s trade and business or vessel construction. This includes Computer Based Training, Safety Drills, ships gears and equipments.
  • Hands-on Experience – Global MET Training Record Book provides specific task for hands-on experience on support and operational level. This is attained with the close supervision of Ship Senior Officers by providing Cadets specific tasks to accomplish.
  • Shipboard Evaluation – the most important aspect is for the cadets to validate the knowledge learned through objective assessment of cadets’ progress.