The Norwegian Training Center - Manila (NTC-M) was established by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NSA) in order to provide relevant upgrading training for Filipino seafarers serving on the ships of its members. NTC-M came into operation in February 1990 and was shortly after made part of Norwegian Maritime Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (NMFPI), chartered in May 1990. At the same time some 25,000 Filipino seafarers were serving on Norwegian - owned or controlled ships. NSA and its members launched a safety and quality initiative in order to restore the quality and reputation of Norwegian shipping in general.

Improving the human factor in ship operation was a key objective and the establishment of NTC-M constituted an important element of this challenge.

Seafarers of all nationalities and from non-Norwegian principals are also welcome to attend any of the courses provided the space is available and their course fees are paid for by their local agents or their sponsoring companies.



The supreme objectives of NMFPI and NTC-M are:
  • To ensure that maritime training of adequate quality is available for Filipino seafarers serving on Norwegian-controlled ships and offshore units.
  • To contribute on securing an adequate resources of competent Filipino seafarers of appropriate aptitudes and positive attitudes to the Norwegian-controlled fleet.
  • To promote Norwegian shipping and offshore interests in the Philippines.
  • Advise members of NSA on personnel related matters in the Philippines and provide guidance on operation on ships and offshore units manned partly or fully by Filipino seafarers.


The Norwegian Training Center - Manila (NTC-M) shall be recognized for being among the most reputable maritime competence and training centers in Asia by:
  • Analyzing the industry's demand for training, develop and offer maritime and offshore courses;
  • Employing and further develop competent Filipino instructors to conduct courses;
  • Ensuring the modern teaching aids and cost effective equipment for hands-on training are available and used for all training conducted;
  • Training seafarers in the highest standards of safety and quality and to promote excellence in maritime operation worldwide.


To train seafarers in the highest standard of safety and excellence in maritime operations throughout the world.


We are the leading center of excellence in maritime training and competence.


"We stand for excellence"

NMFPI is committed to provide the highest quality training and cadetship program at par with international standards to meet the ever changing demands of the maritime industry.


To provide quality training for the shipping and offshore industry by using modern equipment and facilities and through proactive research on the industry's changing needs. To be our customers' partner by meeting their maritime training needs and provide them the highest customer-service at any time. To continually improve our quality management system in line with international maritime standards.


Measurable departmental quality objectives and procedures shall be continually developed and reviewed by the Department Managers at least annually, within the first quarter of the year, subject to validation by the QA Department.